products & craftsmanship Overview

We proudly produce artworks that embody our creative vision, skills, and commitment to excellence. However, what gives life to our images is the final print. For that, we have partnered with one of the nation’s top color labs, with over 65 years of experience where expert technicians bring our images to life through extraordinary levels of craftsmanship, product knowledge and attention to details.


legacy style

This term refers to images directly printed as originally captured, be it on film or digital format. Only color corrections and minor post-processing enhancement are applied. These images are printed on museum-quality photographic paper or using our superior stripped canvas process.


See yourself in a new light. Literately! Experience the glitz and glamour of film noir Hollywood style with a black and white Photoglyptos’ portraiture session. From sophisticated to dramatic, let us explore the endless possibilities that this spectacular genre has to offer.


painterly style

Our painterly styled photographs are not just images edited to look like paintings. These are images that either by design or artistic suitability lend themselves to be best illustrated in a painterly style due to its poetic and/or artistic portrayal of its subject.

For us, a successful painterly style photograph requires the sum of all elements supporting the integration of these two mediums. Gesture, lighting, color, mood, symbology are all essential components in determining if a photograph reunites the merits to be harmoniously produced in this style.

These images are great candidates to be reproduced on our striking stripped canvas process for the ultimate look and feel. For added realism, we can add contour brush strokes and oil enhancements as an additional feature.

Sample Album Pages.JPG

d’luxe photo book album

While our photographic sessions are designed to craft the ultimate single artistic rendering of our clients, many times the process generates equally stunning “runner-up” images that we offer in a high-end photographic album. Our exquisite photo book albums are a work of art in themselves.

Book Features

• Sizes: 11 x 8
• Available Sides: 10, 20
• Page Type: Thick Board
• Page Finish: Laminate Glossy or Matte
• Binding Type: Layflat
• Cover: Laminate Glossy or Matte Designable Hard Cover
• Case: Designable Presentation Box

Prices includes, Image Selection, Image Editing, Album Design, and Low-res web images with logo.


The following video illustrates the meticulous process of how our stripped canvas products are created. Most commercially available canvas printing is done by printing directly or transferring the entire photographic print onto a canvas surface which results in an inferior quality product with a shorter lifespan.

All of our wall art portraits are produced with the following high quality features:

Real Lacquer Coating

Sometimes the old-fashioned way is still the best. This holds true with the coating on prints. We still use real lacquer spray because it is superior to water-based coatings and provides better UV protection. A lacquer coating gives your prints a superior look and feel.

Pigment-based inks

Pigment is made of solid opaque particles that rest atop the paper, rather than being absorbed into the fibers as with dye ink. They produce more vibrant images with higher color fidelity and stability which result in longer lasting prints. They are resistant to fade when subjected to UV light (sunlight).

Museum quality paper

Meets the requirements of the norm ISO 9706 and also those of the galleries or museums, when considering art conservation. Archival paper is an especially permanent, durable acid-free paper often cotton rag paper is used for archival purposes, as it is not made from wood-based pulp.